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Re: [MiNT] Sparemint Rebuild Progress

On 1/10/10 1:50 PM, Vincent Rivière wrote:

The most important thing is to be able to rebuild the whole SpareMiNT automatically. For example, when there is a new version of GCC or the MiNTLib. Mark, can you currently rebuild everything (the working packages) without human assistance ?

I have no mechanism in place, but I plan to create a simple c++ program that will autobuild all of sparemint. The way it will work is to assume that "base" is installed. It will first build mintlib, then it will rebuild a couple base packages like ncurses, readline, gettext, and then it will rebuild all the rest of the base packages, installing their replacements one by one as built. Then it will begin querying the remaining src.rpms and build a dependency tree and start building and installing the rest in the proper order. For instance. Say you want to build a which depends on b, c and ncurses. It will know that ncurses is installed, it will build b and c (and anything that b and c depends on and install them), install b and c, then build a, and then after no other packages that depend on b and c need built, b and c will be removed. It's fairly complex conceptually but it won't be a lot of code. Right now though, I need to fix all of sparemint to get it to build on it's own and to correct dependencies specified in the rpm specs.