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Re: [MiNT] Generic tool

> That is what a GUI  tries to avoid. A tool would avoid the need for
> lots of separate sripts,  editing them running them.

I guess so.... GUI is great for stuff that are highly configurable. You don't 
need to do a man.

I dl stuff to standard folders and expand them to individual folders within that 
standard folder.
So only thing that changes is the filename, so i just pass the filename as a 
parameter to expand it.
I also wrote a simple script that did my RPMs.... just the filename change and 
the scripts reads the list of files and do it.

May be it's just me.... I cannot think of picking the filename again & again 
from the GUI.

> > If you really start/stop dhcp samba  etc etc very often then just create 
> No that's the point it is  very infrequent so I can't always remember where
> it is and what has to be  run. A GEM tool would avoid that.

Ah some sort of a control panel.... that would be nice. Make a CPX to do this.

> And what do you  change the conf file with ? Most OS's use a tool to change
> network and other  settings. Wouldn't it be better to have a tool for all this
> stuff  ?

Err... it's Unix... so it VI of course :-)  as it is text file..... am I having 
a wrong understanding?
Been doing that since mid 90s.... OK may be I am olden and Mint is no real 
Unix.... so may be again it's just me.
Guess with Windows Wizards would be nice. Having defaults to just click next 
next would be easy as well.

> PS what is wrong with your email client  ?

I'm sitting in a different time zone (asia) from my mail client, probably 1/3 
round the world from my mail client (us), which in turn is 1/3 round the world 
from Europe ( I guess). Funny thing is that my outbox time is correct as per my 
current time zone, and so is the inbox as I sent to the mailing list. But I see 
your response is 2 hours behind... I cannot guess what's happening....