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[MiNT] AW: release ?

A warm reboot does not clear all the memory, doesn't clear the BIOS and
doesn't clear the TTR's I think - doesn't clear the clock and buffered
battery, only reset the TOS. And a cold boot SHIFT-CTRL-ALT-DEL clears every
thing... Like switch off, and after seconds switch on again. 

Reset = reboot = warm boot = CTRL-ALT-DEL = reset button

Shut down = cold boot = SHIFT-CTRL-ALT-DEL = switch off button

This was the standard on every TOS-machine like ATARI ST 520, 1040, Falcon,
Hades etc., if I remember right, Milan I don't know. However it was a
significant different status on the ATARI ST.



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On Thu, 2010-11-18 at 17:01 -0800, WongCK wrote:
> Ahh... so Jo, I deduce that you must be on Mint all the time because 
> on TOS you will see the difference.

Yes, I've never used anything else than MiNT on my Milan.

However, I'm not so sure if TOS behaves any differently. TOS also does a
complete restart with full initialization of the hardware regardless of how
I restart it.

> Actually I prefer a warm reboot as I do not have to skip the memory    
>  check.. just a very small pain. (yes I know, I can set memory check

Hehe! That's a minor pain comparing to have to wait 20 secs for the ATI BIOS
to run on my Milan ;)

Jo Even