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Re: [MiNT] working on new AFROS (was: Localisation of other MiNT SW)


On tiistai 15 helmikuu 2011, Bohdan Milar wrote:
> I also tried to solve the hardware diversity problem. I am one of those
> who try to run the AFROS environment on real HW (TT and CT60 Falcon).
> But it is more complicated than just changing the kernel: - kernel
> drivers (natfeat vs. real HW)
> - fVDI and its drivers
> - special AUTO tools (aranym ones vs. fpatch and other real HW staff)
> So I decided to prepare one general package (AFROS-common) and several
> arch-dependent "patches" (AFROS-aranym, AFROS-F030, ...) But I have not
> finished this yet.

I would also be interested about real-HW version of AFROS.

I could test it on Hatari's TT & Falcon emulation (Hatari doesn't provide 
NatFeats so both kernel & fVDI drivers need to be real-HW ones).

	- Eero