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Re: [MiNT] working on new AFROS (was: Localisation of other MiNT SW)


Dne 25.1.2011 02:19, Paul Wratt napsal(a):
When I looked to the CVS, I saw there also COPS and HYPView.
But why weren't they part of the 1.17.0 release?
And there are some programs in the "tools" directory, namely fsetter and toswin2.

1-17-0 is technically FreeMiNT Kernel, which is why Alan wants to move
the tools folder you mentioned out into its own repository. The next
release of FreeMiNT Kernel will not have any tools in it, just kernel
and XaAES
When the next release does come out, a package will need to be made
available (I may do it my self) that does contain all the other tools
needed to run the MiNT as a usable environment (AFROS did this with a
desktop), as there are some tools currently missing (the minix
filesystem tools)

I would think that COPS, HYPView, BubbleGEM, and Teradesk would also
me the basics (there are others too)

OK, good idea.

This does lead itself to a MiNT distribution, or something like "MiNT
Desktop Base", so it tends to come down to what the list (and other
users) want in such a package. Although this does not stop individuals
creating there own and making them available

It sounds interesting.

Alternatively, it can be left to a new release of AFROS, which does
intend the above (a usable MiNT environment), in which case it would
just be a matter of copying it to you system, then (re)placing the
correct FreeMiNT kernel files depending on the hardware used.

At some point (hopefully soon) I will have update that can patch AFROS
8.12 LiveCD with new stuff, including FreeMiNT 1-17-0. It uses shell
scripts, so it needs bash or sh. ATM it works for AFROS, Pack3D,
EasyMiNT for ARAnyM, and backs up before making changes. However it is
technically too differcult to script an install or update of FreeMiNT
&  XaAES, because there are as many different was to install it on real
hardware, as there are people that use it.

I am glad to hear that. I already tried to modify AFROS. I send the new version to maintainer (Petr Stehlik) about 1,5 years ago but still not have clear answer (although I know him personaly and we met since then). While you are going to update the system part, I did something different. My idea was to offer more free end-user applications. So far I added:
	JAY MSA 1.08
	ArcView 0.8
	HypView 0.40
	Smurf 1.06
	KK Commander 1.4C (UK)
	GEMJing 1.40
	Explode! 2010-08-28
I changed configuration of Teradesk (file-type associations),
sorted the applications by types and made a logical structure for them in /C/APPS/
and made taskbar groups.

Updated system part is exactly what I missed :-)

Apart from FreeMiNT for non-AFROS setups everything else could be
scripted if you could supply a drive letter and/or path.

I also tried to solve the hardware diversity problem. I am one of those who try to run the AFROS environment on real HW (TT and CT60 Falcon). But it is more complicated than just changing the kernel:
- kernel drivers (natfeat vs. real HW)
- fVDI and its drivers
- special AUTO tools (aranym ones vs. fpatch and other real HW staff)

So I decided to prepare one general package (AFROS-common) and several arch-dependent "patches" (AFROS-aranym, AFROS-F030, ...)
But I have not finished this yet.

When I have this new update ready, I will be looking to the AFROS
maintainers to get a new release made available. I have been doing
these AROS patches for almost 2 years now, and I am ready to do one
that can successfully be used for development work as well (requires
partition images)

Looks like we have similar ideas.
Could we cooperate on the new version of AFROS?

Bringing this new AFROS could have several advantages:
- fast installation on clear disk (just unzip on C:) or new Aranym installation (copy the image).
- "unify" the configuration of Atari systems installed around the globe - this could help discussing problems (look at /C/APPS/UTILS/ARCVIEW/ARCVIEW.CFG and edit line xy...)
- move users from laboriously installing and configuring their systems for months to just using it.
- ...