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Re: [MiNT] Localisation of other MiNT SW


Dne 13.2.2011 23:34, Helmut Karlowski napsal(a):
Am 13.02.2011, 22:53 Uhr, schrieb Bohdan Milar <bohdan@milar.name>:

I am sorry, but I really do not understand what does "set rsc_lang=1 in app_options for toswin2, and use the generated rsl-file"
mean. Where to put it? What to be run?

Ok., here I go again ;-)

thank you.

You need in xaaes.cnf:

app_options = toswin2, rsc_lang=1


lang = xy

When the rsl-file does not exist it will be created when running toswin2 where the rsc-file is, else it will be used for

Toswin also looks in $HOME, so maybe it's there.

Great. Now even I understand this interesting feature.
Thank you and even Gerhard Stoll who tried to explain me the mystery of rsl in another mail.

I attach the translated toswin2 rsl.

Seems to work,


though I wonder about the shortcut for Ok.

Hm, that's strange. Is there a way how to affect the shortcuts in rsl-file? I know how to do it in RSC.
And some strings seem not to fit

I already translated qed (incl. HYP documentation) about 8 years ago.
Is the old translated RSC usable for something (like making diff for identifying newer/modified strings) or do I have to
translate everything again?

You can create the czech rsl-file by setting rsl_lang=1 for qed and using the generated file. Then rename this qed.rsl to
something, run again with english rsc. Now you have both and can insert the czech strings into the english rsl-file, and
replacing nn: by cz: of course.

OK. Or maybe I can first compare the English rsl of the version I translated with current version to see how much it changed.

> Should be possible to write a tool for this when it's needed mor often.

Probably yes. May be I could be able to do that with AWK. But it will only work if there were no changes in number or order of the strings, won't it?