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Re: [MiNT] Localisation of other MiNT SW

Bohdan Milar wrote:

> > though I wonder about the shortcut for Ok.
> Hm, that's strange. Is there a way how to affect the shortcuts in rsl-file? I know how to do it in RSC.
> And some strings seem not to fit

Not atm. I think it has predefined shortcuts and XaAES should ignore any predefined shortcuts for translated strings. Will look at it.

>  > Should be possible to write a tool for this when it's needed mor often.
> Probably yes. May be I could be able to do that with AWK. But it will only work if there were no changes in number or order of
> the strings, won't it?

Sure - I can't think of a way to merge when the lines don't fit. But when the same binary runs with both rsc-files, chances are good they do.