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Re: [MiNT] Including multi-arch libs within RPM's


On maanantai 14 helmikuu 2011, Vincent Rivière wrote:
> m0n0 wrote:
> > Because I guess linking m68000 & m5475 libs together is an bad idea...
> > I want to enforce an pure coldfire build, if possible.
> Oh, beware. Since you are using SDL...
> sdl-config --libs
> outputs something like:
> -L/usr/lib -lSDLmain -lSDL
> Never use that directly:
> That -L/usr/lib is useless and defeats the correct multilib selection !

Where SDL library is installed when it's built?
Does it go to correct multilib directory and if not, why not?

> It seems that pkg-config has not been designed with multilib in mind.

AFAIK pkg-config is neutral on that.

Packages' pkg-config files are just something output by these packages
themselves, pkg-config doesn't provide utilities for creating them.

If the pkg-config files give wrong paths to pkg-config utility, those
packages have put them there themselves and would need to be fixed.

	- Eero