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Re: [MiNT] Including multi-arch libs within RPM's

Where SDL library is installed when it's built?
Does it go to correct multilib directory and if not, why not?
This is very tricky, even trickier it is in cross development environment. sdl-config is by default provided by host, i.e. it points to host libraries. So when using m68k SDL, you first have to alter PATH for application's ./configure. But you can't set it forever, because it clashes with tools like m68k 'as' which got installed into <prefix>/bin along with m68k sdl-config.

With multilib, it's stupid manual overriding, personally I use only -m68020-60 builds, so I configured SDL with --libdir=<prefix>/lib/m68020-60 and therefore my sdl-config points there. For multilib environment this must be one big mess and very painful thing to do.

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