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Re: [MiNT] XaAES and problem with (older) GEM games


On torstai 06 syyskuu 2012, J. F. Lemaire wrote:
> On 6 September 2012 09:22, Eero Tamminen <oak@helsinkinet.fi> wrote:
> > If latter, where the snapshots built from CVS are and which binary
> > snapshot would be a good one for testing?  (quick browse on the
> > Sparemint wiki didn't give a link to snapshots)
> Sure it does, at the bottom of the download page
> (http://wiki.sparemint.org/index.php/FreeMiNT_downloads)
> Trunk is what you're looking for.


Regressions compared to 1-17-0 version:

* Toswin2 from today's trunk snapshot bus errors startup,
  but Toswin2 from the FreeMiNT 1.17.0 release starts fine
  with the Trunk snapshot.

As to problems that still remaing with the GEM games (several
of these are pretty old and might not work except on monochrome

* Bombs
  - Clicks to game window work, but badly, you may need to click many times
    (may come also from underlying EmuTOS as that has same problem too)
  - closed menus aren't removed from screen

* Daleks, Hotshot Checkers
  - After menu is drawn, game area content is immediately drawn on
    top of the menu
  - In Daleks, Quit menu item doesn't work

* DWBH, Invers
  - closing window menus or activating items in them requires several clicks

* Flip Side (othello)
  - "Thinking" text goes into completely wrong position vertically
    (doesn't happen with plain EmuTOS)

* Gobang
  - There's no mouse cursor

* Invaders (main dialog)
  - Button positions are completely wrong vertically
  - Colors aren't inversed like they should
  - Images are missing from the dialog

* Megaroids
  - complains about wrong RSC file size at startup
  - with the game, key can get "stuck" until one presses it again
  - bus error at exit

* Mind sweeper
  - text positioning is off a bit and sometimes numbers
    aren't drawn at all

* Patience
  - Card outline isn't shown when dragging (mouse shape changes though)
  - Buttons on the quit dialog don't work with mouse, just with keyboard

  - Process is running, but neither the expected dialog or
    the game window comes on screen

* Snake
  - key presses are occasionally missed
  - everything isn't always drawn on game window and window
    bar is sometimes drawn badly

* ST-concentration
  - only first piece of the revealed pair is shown
  - after changing number of players, the size of the game playarea
    dialog starts to grow on each click (= when it's redrawn)
  (for this I have also sources)

* Tartan (chess)
  - Game itself and its on-screen controls work, but its menu doesn't

* Windowball
  - XaAES error dialog about OBTREE for WINDOW validation failing

* Wormania
  - startup text isn't cleared from the game window when game starts
  - window sometimes changes size (it shouldn't)

As discussed, games without either windows or dialogs cannot be interacted 
with mouse as mouse clicks go to desktop (e.g. in original Ballerburg or in 

	- Eero

PS. Maybe somebody could add here a readme that explains the differences
between the three different MiNT snapshots (freemint, helmut & trunk):