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Re: [MiNT] v_clrwk() doesn't work with fVDI


On keskiviikko 05 syyskuu 2012, Ole wrote:
>  Am Mittwoch, den 05.09.2012, 11:09 +0200 schrieb Eero Tamminen
> >> Calling v_clrwk() doesn't clear the screen like
> >> it does without fVDI, with all the TOS versions
> >> and also with NVDI (v2.5).
>  Isn't it possible to draw an white v_box with the dimension of the
>  screen, for clearing the screen?

>  Simple workaround ;) Of course, that won't reset
>  the VDI device settings, but I guess you just need it for clearing
>  the screen, so it should do enough of what you want?

Yes, it works, but this:

        short pxyarray[4];
        short attrib[5];

        vqf_attributes(vdi_handle, attrib);
        vswr_mode(vdi_handle, MD_REPLACE);
        vsf_interior(vdi_handle, 0);

        pxyarray[0] = 0;
        pxyarray[1] = 0;
        pxyarray[2] = screen.w;
        pxyarray[3] = screen.h;
        vr_recfl(vdi_handle, pxyarray);

        vsf_interior(vdi_handle, attrib[0]);
        vswr_mode(vdi_handle, attrib[3]);

Is a bit longer than just:


vr_recfl() affects just the current virtual workstation takes clipping into
account.  Both good things on multitasking AES, but for simple VDI test
programs it seems a bit overkill. :-)