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[MiNT] fVDI drawing bugs


I ran the VDI testers I wrote for EmuTOS and noticed several
additional things not working correctly with fVDI (in Aranym
AFROS default 8-bit mode):

* VDI markers
  - don't show up at all (or only as dots)

* VDI color query
  - seems to return wrong RGB values

* VDI lines
  - zero width lines don't have line endings (arrows etc),
  - wider lines don't implement all line endings (round ones)
  - arcs have gaps in them

* VDI circles
  - Fill color is not always correct.

All these work in EmuTOS (in 1-4 bit modes supported by it).

See the attachments for couple of examples.  

For completeness sake here are also the issued I noticed / mailed
about earlier:

* v_exit_cur() bus errors (it could be no-op)

* Line drawing in XOR mode doesn't always invert the drawing
  (I have a suspicion that this could be Aranym VDI NatFEATS issue)

* v_clswk() doesn't do anything

I'll put the the source code and binaries up later this week
after I've finished some other things.

If somebody has non-NatFEATS version of latest fVDI, it would
be nice to either get it or hear whether some of above ones are
actually bugs in Aranym, not fVDI.

	- Eero

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