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Re: [MiNT] Freemint/CT60

On 09/03/12 02:07, Joseph Place wrote:
> I recently had the Freemint 1-18-CUR build installed on my Falcon and it was working great.  I had a crash while working with Cubase with the plain CT60 TOS.  
> After that, Mint would no longer boot, but just freeze on the boot screen right about the place where it says "calibrating loop."  I thought my drive was corrupted, so I tried restoring from my backup, first the C drive, and when that did not work, the ext2 partition, but I still got the same result.  
> I went back to the 1-16-4 version, and that still works fine.  The 1-17-0 version also freezes at the boot screen.  I've tried removing drivers, auto programs, CPX and ACC, etc, but I can't get anywhere.  Can someone please help?  I really liked having the USB storage support, and I'd like to move forward, not backward with Freemint.  I'm hoping it is not a hardware problem with my Falcon.  It seems to work just fine otherwise.

How fast is your CT60 running ?

Maybe try slowing it down ?

You can try enable debug output in the FreeMiNT menu by pressing the
shift key and see what else it displays before it hangs.