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Re: [MiNT] Windowed Dialogs and containing scrollbars

On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 7:30 PM, J. F. Lemaire <jflemaire@skynet.be> wrote:
> On 5 September 2012 04:47, Paul Wratt <paul.wratt@gmail.com> wrote:
>> is it not possible to use the MagiC scroll list object, which is what
>> SLIST/G_SLIST is compatible with (excuse if dumb question)
> The MagiC WDIALOG/LBOX libraries are implemented in XaAES. Other AESes
> may use WDIALOG.PRG. So this is rather well supported. The problem is
> I don't like how these libraries have been designed, which is why I've
> never used them. The other reason is that you still have to build your
> custom scrollbars and such, which break if the user changes the system
> font for one without the arrow characters, for example.
> Cheers,
> --
> Jean-François Lemaire


is it possible to do it in exactly the same way as XaAES does, by
creating a window that is bound to the current window or dialog.

if XaAES is running let it do the work. If something else is do what
XaAES does manually.

once u get it to function properly, then u create a wrapper like
windom does, to simplify using it.

If you think seriously about naming and usage, I have no problem
adding wrappers or for well known, or used libraries

Because OL still works on MyAES, there is active reason to add

That would only leave Magic and "regular" AES, and the better know
libs are available in src form to be extended

I had planed to get something like this started, but I have had comp
probs for over a year, and I lost every single piece of Atari "stuff"
just after christmas (320Gb worth), but I am starting to get things
going again

Anyway, this SLIST, and a way to redraw menu are required nowadays,
and they be more use because of FireBee

note that XaAES does not use arrow chars for scroll buttons, but from
resource (include when external is not used/defined) as CICONs

I am looking for ways to "theme" complete environment, to check for
XaAES, MyAES, LDG/Windom, Magic, and probably NAES, so some solution
here will make using complex objects easier