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Re: [MiNT] Windowed Dialogs and containing scrollbars

Helmut Karlowski, 03.09.2012 23:05:28:

Jean-François Lemaire, 03.09.2012 22:45:49:

standard G_BOXCHARs and G_BOXes in order to build their listboxes. Exactly
what I'm trying to avoid. I want the AES widgets. What I don't

Can't you use slider-objects instead?

There is an object-type G_SLIST (39), that works on the slist-data (you would have to manage these yourself I guess using TOOLBAR or similar), maybe with this it's possible to use the XaAES-lists, but this is very rough speculation atm.

The structure is in xa_types.h: :-)

struct scroll_info
  struct scroll_info *next; /* lists in one window linked */
  enum locks lock;

  struct xa_window *wi;   /* make the scroll box a real window */
struct xa_window *pw; /* If the listbox is part of a windowed dialogue, we must know that,
           * otherwise we couldnt move that window (rp_2_ap). */
  struct xa_vdi_settings *vdi_settings;
  struct widget_tree *nil_wt;

  XA_TREE *wt;
  short item;
  OBJECT prev_ob;     /* Original object contents */

  short indent_upto;
  short num_tabs;
  struct se_tab *tabs;
//  struct se_text_tabulator *tabs;
  short rel_x, rel_y;

  SCROLL_ENTRY *start;    /* Pointer to first element */
  SCROLL_ENTRY *cur;    /*            current selected element */
  SCROLL_ENTRY *top;    /*            top-most displayed element */

  char *title;      /* Title of the list */

  short nesticn_w;
  short nesticn_h;
short icon_w; /* width of icon: for display list-elements with and without icons */

  short indent;
short widest, highest; /* Width and hight of the widgest and highest element; */
  long start_x;
  long off_x;
  long start_y;
  long off_y;
  long total_w;
  long total_h;

  //short state;      /* Extended status info for scroll list */
  short char_width;   /* remember char-width for this list */

  scrl_click *dclick;   /* Callback function for double click behaviour */
  scrl_click *click;    /* Callback function for single click behaviour */
  scrl_click *click_nesticon;

  scrl_keybd *keypress;

  scrl_widget *slider;    /* slider calc function */
  scrl_widget *closer;    /* closer function */
  scrl_widget *fuller;    /* fuller function */

  scrl_redraw *redraw;
  scrl_vis  *vis;     /* check visibility */
  scrl_search *search;
  scrl_set  *set;
  scrl_get  *get;
  scrl_add  *add;
  scrl_del  *del;
  scrl_empty  *empty;
  scrl_list *destroy;

  void  *data;


Helmut Karlowski