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[MiNT] Country codes


Recently I found a lot of country codes in FreeMiNT's sys/keyboard.c:

I noticed that some countries supported by EmuTOS had different country codes.

Country codes from FreeMiNT's sys/keyboard.c comment:
23 - Slovak Republic
31 - Greece
32 - Russia

Old EmuTOS country codes:
17 - Slovak Republic
18 - Greece
19 - Russia

I supposed that FreeMiNT country codes had been defined earlier, so yesterday I fixed the EmuTOS country codes accordingly.

But now Dima Sobolev complains because the Russia country code has changed from previous EmuTOS versions. Software using the old country code will not work.

So I would like to fix things cleanly.
Is there any well defined standard for those countries?
Of course, for good interoperability between EmuTOS and FreeMiNT, the country codes must match.

Comments are welcome.

Vincent Rivière