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Re: [MiNT] Samba working

On Monday 02 December 2013 20:35:37 Alan Hourihane wrote:
> I've committed another couple of fixes to the freemint kernel.
> One is to fix the ext2fs filesystem during append operations that causes
> the inode size not to be flushed correctly, this now gets smbd working.
> The second is a fix to the inet4.xdd which allows binding of a socket to
> the broadcast address of the interface. This gets nmbd working.
> I've uploaded samba 3.6.20 to the gentoo site under net-fs, which is
> working great here now.

Good to hear this is fixed. I have a related question: what would be the 
simplest and most reliable way of sharing data between my Firebee and my Linux 
box? NFS or Samba? I had NFS on my Falcon but I remember it was a pain to set 
up properly.

Jean-François Lemaire