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Re: [MiNT] Samba working

On 12/02/13 20:51, Jean-François Lemaire wrote:
On Monday 02 December 2013 20:35:37 Alan Hourihane wrote:
I've committed another couple of fixes to the freemint kernel.

One is to fix the ext2fs filesystem during append operations that causes
the inode size not to be flushed correctly, this now gets smbd working.

The second is a fix to the inet4.xdd which allows binding of a socket to
the broadcast address of the interface. This gets nmbd working.

I've uploaded samba 3.6.20 to the gentoo site under net-fs, which is
working great here now.
Good to hear this is fixed. I have a related question: what would be the
simplest and most reliable way of sharing data between my Firebee and my Linux
box? NFS or Samba? I had NFS on my Falcon but I remember it was a pain to set
up properly.

Depends what you're most familiar with. I find the FreeMiNT NFS filesystem
a bit flaky, so have avoided it.

There's also scp if you have openssh installed on the FireBee. I used that
pretty regularly up until samba, but I still use it for quick copies without
setting up a samba connection.