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Re: [MiNT] Window with toolbar and redraw messages

I answer to myself

this solution doesn't work, if the window is not at top and for a reason or another there is a redraw, you will not receive the WM_REDRAW.

So the only solution is use USERDEF to redraw with VDI, I think if you want use such complex form object the best is to do yourself your dialog management in a window, I think.

Le 02/12/2013 22:51, Jean-François Lemaire a écrit :
On Monday 02 December 2013 22:30:49 OL wrote:
I have put an exemple at:

There is a simple C source code of the use of toolbar with move of
objects when the window is resize, you will find the program compiled with.

With XaAES and MyAES the object is moved and information in texte
updated, it not use any userdef for this. In the case of XaAES there is
a limitation
of it, because XaAES dislike the program change the height of the
toolbar tree, but this exemple should answer to your questions.
Thanks for your time, Olivier, but unfortunately, this does not answer my 
questions :-) Which in a nutshell is about doing stuff that requires calling 
the VDI inside a toolbar. Your example doesn't call the VDI at all so the AES 
can do all the redrawing itself.

Replace your BOXTEXT object with a simple BOX and try drawing the string over 
it with v_gtext() after a WM_REDRAW message. You'll see that you can't because 
you'll never receive a WM_REDRAW message.
I continue to not understand your problem, as for all GEM object, if you want to draw with VDI you should use USERDEF of course, it's not possible in GFA? But really if you not want to do a USERDEF the exemple I have proposes is ok.
I have updated my exemple, you can download it, it work. Just need to be adapted to real use, with clipping etc...