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Re: [MiNT] Window with toolbar and redraw messages

OL, 03.12.2013 07:18:36:

I answer to myself

this solution doesn't work, if the window is not at top and for a reason
or another there is a redraw, you will not receive the WM_REDRAW.

So the only solution is use USERDEF to redraw with VDI, I think if you
want use such complex form object the best is to do yourself your dialog
management in a window, I think.

I think that's what JFL wanted to avoid, and I can understand that. The AES should support such cases and not force the programmer to use home-cooked stuff or "dirty" things like USERDEF.

I would do a redraw on WM_SIZED/WM_MOVED or something but I'm not very familiar with the topic anyway.

Helmut Karlowski