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Re: [MiNT] Window with toolbar and redraw messages

Jean-François Lemaire, 01.12.2013 21:28:58:

Is your prg informed of that?

That's the point. As far as I can see the program never receives a redraw
message for windows made up *only* of a toolbar. I guess from the point of
view of the AES there's no reason to since there's no work area.

Do you receive WM_MOVED, WM_SIZED or anything else?

> I suspect there is no other way around a G_USERDEF in those cases.

I don't like that. But I'm currently no expert for toolbars.

I was thinking that maybe a wind_set() mode to ask that a specific window
should receive WM_REDRAW messages *every* time it is redrawn (even by the AES)
would be useful.

Before adding XaAES-specific stuff I think we should look for some general solution.

For example, currently making windows with several toolbars is a pain, because
only one is handled by the AES. You need to handle the others yourself.

I have the impression that the toolbar-implementation in XaAES needs a rework anyway, but

1. How do other AES handle this?

2. I'm not an expert :)

ability to create a large toolbar with a "white box in the center" which would
serve as a work area would provide the capability to position GEM objects
either on the top, the sides, the bottom...

If such windows could receive WM_REDRAW messages, the app would only have to compare the coordinates received with those of the "white box" and redraw that
area only.

Maybe it's a stupid idea?

Don't know ;-)

Isn't it possible to define a work-area "below" the toolbar whose borders are just 1 pixel outside the toolbar or something?

Helmut Karlowski