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Re: MiNT goes UNiX, invitation for mailing list

Hi, just like Chris I would like to vote 'NO'. The traffic in the mint-list
is not that high that we need another list. See what happened to mint-ip...
It started off in German; when some English speeking registered they switched
to English; and now the list is dead... BUT if along democratic lines the new
mint-unix list IS created I want to be on it to keep track of new ideas and
Just my 0.02 cents

Egbert Jan
Registered SpeedoGDOS developer

 Egbert Jan van den Bussche    VAX/VMS     SHELL Research Rijswijk,
 tel. +31(0)70-3112657          ATARI      Postbus 60,
 Email: busscheh@ksepl.nl      VAX/VMS     2280 AB Rijswijk, Holland (NL)