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MiNT goes UNiX, invitation for mailing list (MINTOS)

>Another library will only be necessary if we can not persuade entropy
>to add the support we need, perhaps guarded by some obscure
>compilation flag.

Well, so far no one has made any suggestions particular to this
project.  Suggest away.

(Most of) The MiNT library is public domain.  So anyone is welcome to
use it as the basis of their own library if they don't like the way I
do things.

However, if compatibility and source code consistency are the desired
results of this project, I'd say that the creation of a splinter
version of the MiNTlibs is a really lousy idea.

>> Just two examples::
>> - popen() does not work with a UNIX-style SHELL=/bin/sh or
>>   SHELL=/usr/bin/bash, it wants the Gemdos-style SHELL=U:\bin\sh.

This is news to me.  I certainly don't have any "\"'s anywhere in my
SHELL variable, but I don't know if any of the programs I use call
popen().  Send me a fix!

>> - The MiNTlib insists on terminating each line in a textfile with CR+LF,
>>   quite a nuissance when one is running unshar, where sed has been
>>   compiled with the MiNTlib. You can never be sure whether the incorrect
>>   filesizes are due to the CRLF problem or if there is some real trouble.

Try adding "b" to your UNIXMODE variable (just a guess, I don't use


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