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Re: MiNT goes UNiX, invitation for mailing list (MINTOS)

> > would look better, once it's clear that the MiNT library shall be used
> > in the distribution.  We don't need another "MINTOS" libc, do we?
> I'm afraid we do. Or at least we need quite a few changes to the MiNTlib,
> some of those might make the MiNTlib incompatible with Gemdos (I wouldn't
> care about that).

Another library will only be necessary if we can not persuade entropy
to add the support we need, perhaps guarded by some obscure
compilation flag.

It is of course up to the UNIX project (we really need a good name
soon :-) to indentify the necessary changes. We shouldn't expect the
rest of the world to do the hard work for us, and a lot of people
probably care a great deal about TOS/Gemdos compability.

> Just two examples::
> - popen() does not work with a UNIX-style SHELL=/bin/sh or
>   SHELL=/usr/bin/bash, it wants the Gemdos-style SHELL=U:\bin\sh.
> - The MiNTlib insists on terminating each line in a textfile with CR+LF,
>   quite a nuissance when one is running unshar, where sed has been
>   compiled with the MiNTlib. You can never be sure whether the incorrect
>   filesizes are due to the CRLF problem or if there is some real trouble.

Another one:

As far as I can tell, minixfs does not accept forward slashes.
Probably wise enough, but how about a flag to turn that off?

> > BTW, I don't like the name "MINTOS".  ;-)
> Agreed! What about MiNTix :-)

I thought about "MiNT is not unix" -> minix 
hmm, where have I seen that (:-)

Then how about "Atari UNIX" -> AIX
Nahh, not good. It makes me feel blue (:-)

Or "Atari UNIX" -> AUX
<sound of an army of look-and-feel lawyers breaking down the door>

This is not goeing to be easy :-)

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