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Re: load average patches for MiNT 1.10 + patches

Stephen Usher writes:

> Here's the latest version of my uptime and load average patch for MiNT. The
> patch is relative to version 1.10 with most of the patches from the last
> week added.
> This version now uses the 200Hz interrupt for timing so should keep the
> correct time on any machine with whatever monitor. The patches affect dos.c,
> intr.spp and proc.c and adds loadave.h. I'm also including below definitions
> for mintbind.h.

 hmm.  i haven't tried but i would suggest just using the 200 Hz timer
counter (_hz_200) and doing calculations elsewhere...  because the 200 Hz
interrupt runs at level 6 and the longer you run at levels >= 5 (6) the
easier you lose characters on serial ports. (receiver overrun...)

 just a thought :)

PS: same goes for evnt_timer, and the keyboard/mouse/midi interrupts, etc.
btw could this also be the cause for Thierrys modem1 devices problems?
i think it does a few things in etv_timer too...
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