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fs information

Problem: for a library, I need a way to inquire the block device associated
with a certain filesystem. Example: input: u:\cdrom, output: u:\dev\scd5.
This is needed so that an application can have the user select a folder
and then access the (block device) audio commands of the associated
CD ROM drive.

One solution would be to have a Dcntl opcode which returns just that.
In addition, it could/should return information similar to getmntent()
in SunOS (file system type and so on...). Besides, there should really
be a better way to get a list of mounted filesystems than reading the
entries from U:`s root.

Another easy solution: just implement all Fcntls for the block device
as Dcntls for the file system, too. This of course requires that all
block devices have distinct Fcntl opcodes.

What do you think?

Julian F. Reschke, Hensenstr. 142, D-48161 Muenster
 eMail: reschke@math.uni-muenster.de jr@ms.maus.de