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RE: GCC 2.5.8

Speaking from a personal point of view MiNT may not be a dog but the way it has
been handled by Atari is shall we say (being diplomatic) odd. Take my Minixfs
for example. The standard approved MiNT is 1.04 which has a horrible bug which
Minixfs can't wrok around that makes external filesystems unstable. On top of
that it looks like MultiTOS crashes the update daemon.
	So if you want to use Minixfs you need to recompile newer MiNT and not
run MultiTOS. This cuts down any Minixfs userbase considerably, it simply can't
be made 'plug and play' because of the necessity of MiNT recompilation. So any
hope of reducing my losses by making the thing shareware seem doomed to failure.
One of these days I'm going to give up an dump ST's entirely.
	As for new hardware well lets just say IMHO that whoever designed the
Falcon wants their backside kicking (HARD!).