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ttydev 0.8 for f030

Hiyah Petr

I have recently bought a second-hand SVGA monitor for my f030. I thought
I'd recompile ttydev 0.8 as you suggest, to take advantage of the extended
resolutions (752*576*256/16/2) that it can handle via Videlity. Trouble
is, I've encountered a few problems... :-(

752*576 equates to 94*36, and `videlreg` produces the following output
running GEM in monochrome at above resolution: 

	int nxreg[6]={0xda,0xa5,0x11,0x283,0x68,0xac};
	int nyreg[6]={0x4b9,0x49f,0x3f,0x3f,0x49f,0x49f};
	int nsreg[4]={0,0,0,0x400};
	int ncreg[2]={0x186,0x8};
	int nmreg[4]={0x0,0,0,0x2e};

and I changed the following lines:

line 229	v->maxx = 93;		/* 94 chars per line - 1 */
line 231	v->linelen = 1504;	/* 94 chars x 16 bytes each */
line 250		v->planesiz = 94;	/* 94 bytes line width */
line 277		maxy = 35; /* 36 lines - 1 */

The trouble is I just have "splodges" on the virtual consoles (are the
horizontal planes out of alignment?) and occasionally, I loose a strip of
text on the right hand side of the console(F10) - appears white as text is
truncated - about 3cm wide, whilst the left hand side appears to be
shifted over by <=5mm and the lost text from the right of the screen
appears here. But this is only sometimes!  Switching between consoles will
eventually return it to normal.

Any ideas?

I'm running a full KGMD, upgraded to MiNT 14.6 (run as mint030.prg) and
using GCC as shipped with KGMD 1.0 whatever version that is (I couldn't
understand the german-only documentation that I found with 2.7.2) 



ps anyone know where I can find a spell checker compatible with pine?