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Re: ttydev 0.8 for f030

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, johnnie ligotage wrote:

> The trouble is I just have "splodges" on the virtual consoles (are the
> horizontal planes out of alignment?) and occasionally, I loose a strip of
> text on the right hand side of the console(F10) - appears white as text is
> truncated - about 3cm wide, whilst the left hand side appears to be
> shifted over by <=5mm and the lost text from the right of the screen
> appears here. But this is only sometimes!  Switching between consoles will
> eventually return it to normal.

Quite normal, this is a bug in the hardware. Doug Little claims it can
be cured by setting the registers in the correct order, which Videlity
supposedly does. That's not the case on my Falcon though...

After some experimentation it looks like the problem is most likely to
arise when the Videl's pixel-clock is changed when you change to mono.
I "solved" the problem by using the same resolution- and pixelclock on
both the virtual consoles and the console. I.e. use 832x608 on both
GEM and consoles.

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