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Re: ttydev 0.8 for f030

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, johnnie ligotage wrote:

> Hiyah Petr


> I have recently bought a second-hand SVGA monitor for my f030. I thought
> I'd recompile ttydev 0.8 as you suggest, to take advantage of the extended
> resolutions (752*576*256/16/2) that it can handle via Videlity. Trouble

always use x-res dividable by 64

> The trouble is I just have "splodges" on the virtual consoles (are the
> horizontal planes out of alignment?) and occasionally, I loose a strip of
> text on the right hand side of the console(F10) - appears white as text is
> truncated - about 3cm wide, whilst the left hand side appears to be

this is a hardware bug of VIDEL, slightly change some of the values in

> Any ideas?

when I get some time I'll put a new code for resolution switching into the
vconsoles... Until then fiddle with the VIDEL reg values (or use BlowUP
demo for setting up the mono resolution).

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