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Re: [MiNT] Re: fatal error handling

> JK>> > It's very easy to write a program that would be the first (or actually
> JK>> > alone) in the AUTO folder and will execute other programs (their names
> I personally was not using such program because I knew there were some
> problems when starting programs instead of TOS. You need execute from

I've never had any problems.

> AUTO folder but at the same time programs expect the CWD is bootdrive:\

The whole point of the program is to make sure you don't have to execute
_anything_ from the AUTO folder. Everything is executed using a complete
path and the CWD is indeed kept as <bootdrive>:/

> Some (dirty) programs go back to parent process and check if it's TOS

I guess that would be a problem, but none of my AUTO stuff seems to
do anything like that.

> who starts them... Also there's the question of memory fragmentation and

The program I use is only a few kbyte, so there's no need to worry about that.

> But when I think about it now I feel it would be great to standardize
> such program on Atari (or in MiNT) and use it in the next MiNT
> distribution - it would save many headaches of less experienced people.

I don't much believe in 'standards' for these kinds of things, but it could
be a good idea to include something with MiNT.
I really don't think we should go for something like TCL, though. Keep it
as small and simple as possible.

> Sometimes it's really a black magic to get working programs like NVDI,
> LIBERTY, WDIALOG, NOVA and LETEMFLY together. It would be useful to
> simply distribute well tested scripts of most used AUTO programs in the
> correct order :-)

What we really need is a good way to allow programs to modify the system
behaviour without all this TRAP chaining. I mean, it's a bit much when
a simple system call has to pass through half a dozen or more sets of
'is this call for me?'-checks before it reaches its destination...

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