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[MiNT] Re: fatal error handling

Hi Johan!

JK>I really don't think we should go for something like TCL, though. Keep
JK>it as small and simple as possible.

JK>What we really need is a good way to allow programs to modify the
JK>system behaviour without all this TRAP chaining. I mean, it's a bit
JK>much when a simple system call has to pass through half a dozen or
JK>more sets of 'is this call for me?'-checks before it reaches its
This good way already exists: TraPatch
This (mine :-) ) TSR enables you to hook into a single function instead of a
whole trap and so the length of the chain could be reduced significantly
because many programms check for different calls.
I think I could integrate it into MiNT if it is wanted...

The only problem is missing support by other TSRs (except mine) :-(
OK, there's a small problem with the distribution too, because it's avaiable
only in the MausNet (_the_ german Atari BBS network), because I still didn't
manage to upload it to a ftp server :-(

If someone is interested in it I can mail it to him/her