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RE: [MiNT] DATE/TIME cookies

> Either the DATE/TIME cookie contains the date and time values
> themselves. In
> this case they need to be updated regularly by somebody -- either
> the kernel
> or a background process. This does not break memory protection, but is a
> waste of time, especially if the internal time format is not DOS based
> anymore.

Yes, this is what I mean because I understood that introducing anything that
would break memory protection is not possible.
As for the waste of time, Guido said it currently wouldn't mean any
performance loss. I don't know the date/time code well so I can't judge. I
believe Guido is right.

> how do you access the screen from within the interrupt?

it seems you're trying to convince me the whole corner clock TSR is a BAD
IDEA ;-)

OK, so here's the ultimate answer: I do access the screen by 'move.b (a0)+,
(a1)+'. Surprised? :-)

BTW, if this thread is going to be even more about Clocky's internals I
suggest to move off the MiNT list, to either private mails or to a Clocky
mailing list I would try to get created ;-)