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Re: [MiNT] stack size!

> > Sure I can fixstk it, but how much memory is enough? 32kB? 128kB? 512kB?
> > At last I put there 2 MB (paranoia) but I still donīt know if it was
> > enough.
> Speaking of which... your mp3 DECODER released some time ago does not work
> correctly on my system (bus error)

try to install the audiodev I put on my WWW page (audiodev v0.9). 

> It only works if i specify option '-s'. What may be wrong?

it must be the audiodev initialization that causes the buserrors. There's
also a newer version of the mpg123 port so you may try that as well. It
produces better sound if nothing else ;-)

> And, speaking of determining stack size, most of programs are satisfied
> with 16 or 32k

'most programs' maybe, but not the MP3 encoder. It uses BIG local arrays
(like half of megabyte and similar).