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[MiNT] mint 1.16.0

On Fri, Mar 08, 2002 at 12:32:04AM +0100, Konrad M. Kokoszkiewicz wrote:
> > > Which version of MiNT are you using? (I use 1.16)
> > I use 1.15.12. Where can I download a ready to use binary of 1.16 ? I
> In the attachment you have the mint 1.16.0 kernel fetched directly from 
> my auto. The problem is that you cannot use the old sockdev.xdd with 
> it. I am also attaching the replacement xdd for that.

I have tried it but I haven't been able to get it running yet.
I have a set up my boot selector to allow to choose between different mint 
kernels in the autofolder, different xdd and xfs drivers, and different 
mint.cnf files. Ideal for beta-testers !

These are my problems. First the boot sequence was hanging when "reading 
mint.cnf ...". I found out I had to remove the line "NEWFATFS=A,B,..." and
after that things could go on. (Mint shouldn't hang here, it should just 
ignore it if it doesn't need it IMO)

After that the system crashed when the filesystemcheck was about to begin.
I disabled the line responsible for this in the mint.cnf.

Then the system crashed during (I think) the execution of the INIT=... 
I replaced it with GEM=u:\c\n_aes\n_aes030.sys and tried again.

Now the system crashed when trying to start N_AES with the following 

pid 1 (AESSYS): Opening a global handle (u:\dev\console)
pid 1 (AESSYS): assert (`page) failed at line 1544 of ../kmemory.c

The last line I also got from the previous tries, starting with a 
different pid of coarse, like

pid 4 (sh): assert (`page) failed at line 1544 of ../kmemory.c

Am I experiencing alpha-version problems from mint 1.16, or am I doing 
something wrong ?