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Re: [MiNT] mint 1.16.0

> I have tried it but I haven't been able to get it running yet.
> I have a set up my boot selector to allow to choose between different mint
> kernels in the autofolder, different xdd and xfs drivers, and different
> mint.cnf files. Ideal for beta-testers !

You may want to look at the boot menu (left shift while booting).

> pid 4 (sh): assert (`page) failed at line 1544 of ../kmemory.c
> Am I experiencing alpha-version problems from mint 1.16, or am I doing
> something wrong ?

Well, everything is possible, but considering your previous, equally 
weird problems (spin.xfs vs. vmoose.xdd), I would suggest you to check, 
if the RAM in your machine is not damaged. Your problems remind me the 
behaviour of my TT with its broken TT RAM.


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