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Re: [MiNT] mint 1.16.0

On Fri, Mar 08, 2002 at 10:06:19AM +0100, Konrad M. Kokoszkiewicz wrote:
> > I have tried it but I haven't been able to get it running yet.
> You may want to look at the boot menu (left shift while booting).
That helped a little. I had renamed mint030.prg before copying it to my 
auto, and had to switch memory protect on to get it running on my machine.
I even got SPIN and XAAES running together, while the console options in 
TosWin2's menu are accessable - for the first time. 

I'm still getting error messages but they don't hang the system anymore:

	loading interfaces
	pid 0 (MiNT): opening a global handle (U:\pipe\sld)	
	pid 2 (sld): MEMORY VIOLATION type=super

This probably has to do with inet4.xdd, since without this driver I don't 
get these messages. But with it installed, it gives the above messages. 
When I try pppd it proves that something has gone wrong, showing the 
following message:

	pid 66 (pppd): Opening a global handle (U:\dev\ttyS1)

> > Am I experiencing alpha-version problems from mint 1.16, or am I doing
> > something wrong ?
> Well, everything is possible, but considering your previous, equally 
> weird problems (spin.xfs vs. vmoose.xdd), I would suggest you to check, 
> if the RAM in your machine is not damaged. Your problems remind me the 
> behaviour of my TT with its broken TT RAM.

That would not be nice. I just got a new memory board, because my old one 
(with which I had the same SPiN vs VMOOSE problems) was indeed not good 
and didn't function together with my CT2b. :-(
Is a message like "WARNING: PMMU is already in use" a bad sign ? I saw it 
once when using the CT2b in turbo mode.

MiNT version 1.15.12 is still working best for me, with N.AES or 
XaAES, but without SPIN. Version 1.16 only runs with Memory Protect on my 
sytem right now, and inet4.xdd doesn't work for me at all.