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> ExtenDOS works 'here' with MiNT, well not 100% problem free.  For some
> reason I am forced to load ExtenDOS from the desktop.  However then it's
> fine, infact I burn audio CD's at x8 with it on my Hades under MiNT+NAes.
> -------------
> Lonny Pursell

Same here with me. Extendos works great under Mint/N.AES on my Hades060.

Edward S. Baiz Jr.
HADES 060: 256meg Ram, Yamaha & Sony CDRW Drive, 1 gig
 Jaz Drive, MicroTek E3 Scanner, Mach 64 w/4meg Ram, Epson
 Photo 700 printer, 56k US Robotics Modem, ICQ#91257633
PROGRAMS: Extendos Gold, Cab 2.8, ScanX, STiK2, aFTP,
 Calamus SL2000, Newsie, PlayMyCD, Papyrus 8, Smurf,
 Nova Driver 2.67, NVDI 5, Mint, Magic, N.AES, Geneva