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Re: [MiNT] mint 1.16.0

> I'm still getting error messages but they don't hang the system anymore:
> 	loading interfaces
> 	pid 0 (MiNT): opening a global handle (U:\pipe\sld)
> 	pid 2 (sld): MEMORY VIOLATION type=super
> This probably has to do with inet4.xdd, since without this driver I don't
> get these messages. But with it installed, it gives the above messages.

Yes, this shows up on some setups and it is an indication of a bug in 
either MiNT itself or inet4.xdd. I have no clue if latest Frank's works 
have to do with that - I just didn't have time to test the most recent 
compile I have :/

> When I try pppd it proves that something has gone wrong, showing the
> following message:
> 	pid 66 (pppd): Opening a global handle (U:\dev\ttyS1)

This is nothing wrong, this is some sort of debug stuff the 1.16 kernel 


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