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Re: [MiNT] 030-version of gcc


> > Nice to hear that all the sparemint C++ libs are useless ... :-( Most time
> > you don't see if the libs are C++ libs or include C++ objects.
> These libraries are too fat. I don't use these. Do you know that
> there's libraries and dynamic libraries that are still developed
> aside from the SpareMiNT project ? The aim is still to be concise,
> easy and elegant.

Oh, so you don't need the sparemint packages and don't want that other
people port existing unix applications to sparemint?

> This is not a specifical ATARI problem. It's been a long time since
> GCC 3.x was first published. You can't ignore it. Things have
> progressed.

I don't ignore anything.

> I can't do it myself.

And you also can't help to recompile rpms due to a lack of time, right?

> But when I suggested to another guy to do it, you
> reacted speaking of bugs, no better code etc ... On this point you badly
> reacted. Let this guy do it, if he is willing to do it ... Right ?

I badly reacted? I just wanted to clear out that gcc 3.x not only have
advantages and that the advantages must be compared against the
disadvantages. I know this 'guy' personally, he is happy that the cc1 now
compile 5% faster on his Falcon030. Do you really think he like to upgrade
to a cc1 that compile much slower with the win of 1% or 2% in the produced

> That's your opinion. And you are heard by a lot of people. Your opinion
> is quite important. Let other opinions be explained here. Your interest
> may not be shared by everyone.

Yes, I hope other tell their oppinion here too.


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