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[MiNT] Re[2]: Shutdown() discussion

Hi Petr!

PS> Normally the boot is so fast that I don't notice anything on the screen,
PS> anyway. I didn't know you would need VT52 in the short moment between
PS> starting MiNT and opening desktop.

Excuse me? You don't really mean this, do you?

a) boot up might be fast on YOUR machine
b) what about the boot menu
c) Who says I am starting a desktop?
d) If there is supposed to be a VT52 emulator then there should be one

I am already annoyed by NVDI that is not able to display the cursor during
bootup. Very annoying. So am I getting this right, that with fVDI you see
NOTHING at all?
(I would test this, but I cant use aranym because I only get weird mouse
packets all the time)

Cheers, Ingo =;->