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Re: [MiNT] Shutdown() discussion

On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 15:01, Frank Naumann wrote:

> > > But introducing new syscalls is not overkill?
> >
> > Syscall is easier to call and better resembles the calling nature of the
> > NatFeats, IMHO.
> Uhm, I'm absolutly sure you access a device under /dev with syscalls too

True, but with a direct NF syscall you wouldn't have to open a /dev/
file just to shut down the machine :)

> > > And new syscalls don't force non-MiNT users to install TSR hacks?
> >
> As the concrete details are hidden in an abstraction library [if I
> understand your previous postings correct] it doesn't matter how exactly
> you callout the NatFeats.

I thought that without FreeMiNT support we are denounced to call
NatFeats directly from libraries and applications and so it was easier
to keep the same interface for MiNT and non-MiNT - i.e. the illegal
instructions with no cookie jar pointers.

Fortunately we explained some things in this three hours long chat and
so it seems that there is going to be a different way for MiNT than is
for TOS.