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Re: [MiNT] vlogin


> > but vlogin stay in memory until child proces quit!
> > Simply try ps in shell started by vlogin, vlogin is still listed among
> > proceses.
> Are you sure it's vlogin and not only a wrong name?

Yes its always listed by ps/top, it have always the same size and it
disappear after shell/aes started by vlogin exits.

> How is vlogin started? How do you respawn vlogin if AES finish?

vlogin is started by init, and is respowned when eas/shell started by vlogin
exits by init.
I modify /etc/ttytab to
console  "/path/to/vlogin"   vt52  on secure

vlogin can be started from mint.cnf but there is no respwning then.

> > > Oh, this is not the final solution. This is just temporary for
> > > This stuff will be only in the developer kernel.
> > >
> > How it will work in release version?
> I still think about it :-) Ideas welcome for sure ...
Start it from vlogin of course!