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Re: [MiNT] Truecolor extension to Xaaes (and Ovdi)

V Po, 17. 05. 2004 v 20:42, Konrad Kokoszkiewicz píše:
> > When I was trying to present the advantages of upgrade to ARAnyM in
> > comp.sys.atari.st some guys said that if there was a 'killer'
> > application available for ARAnyM only they would perhaps consider
> > installing ARAnyM but if ARAnyM does not offer new applications they
> > are not interested. This is a serious thought.
> I think it is relatively (*relatively*) simple task to produce a "killer"
> application. It is enough to port OpenOffice to MiNT

OpenOffice is not easy thing to port. Let's get back to the original
question: why not start the killer application suite with an advanced
desktop? Are you so sure that HighWire is too slow to render PNG icons
on the desktop?