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[MiNT] Re[2]: current kernel


FN> There are no messages? Can you boot a debug kernel and see what happens?

How do I compile a Milan debug kernel?

Ok, here is what I get:
mint.cnf is executed fine until it hits the line with "INIT="

It doesnt matter what I use for init. Be it naes030.sys or /bin/bash
or sbin/init

It always hangs then! With memory protection on I get a memory violation and
then "operating system killed".

So what is happening?

I have been compiling everything! All the xdd's are new, all the xfs are new!
Is there anything I have to consider? Anything that is missing? Do I need to
have a *.tbl file somewhere?

The kernel I used so far, is about half a year old! I compiled it from cvs in
November. So were there any major changes between Nov and now? Changes that
were so big that I have some files in the wrong place?

Please, I do want to use the new kernel and try out XaAES!

Cheers, Ingo =;->