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Re: [MiNT] Re[2]: current kernel

> I have been compiling everything! All the xdd's are new, all the xfs are 
> new! Is there anything I have to consider? Anything that is missing? Do I 
> need to have a *.tbl file somewhere?

No, it is not required. Have you striped binaries?

> The kernel I used so far, is about half a year old! I compiled it from
cvs in
> November. So were there any major changes between Nov and now? 
> Changes that were so big that I have some files in the wrong place?

I've been using latest (CVS) kernels for few years now with all the same
AUTO/ACC setup, and had no real problems.

> Please, I do want to use the new kernel and try out XaAES!

freemint/sys: make mil
freemint/sys/adi/whellmoose make
freemint/sys/xaaes/src.km make 030
freemint/sys/xaaea/src.km make load.prg

1.) Try disabling all XDD/XFS and if kernel will boot ok, try enabling
them one after another to find the nasty one

2.) Try the same with AUTO/ACCs

Semper Fidelis

Adam Klobukowski