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Re: [MiNT] extensions

Hi STan,

Standa Opichal wrote:
Sorry, but I don't share this idea at all. Konrad was true while writing
that a real _user_ application would make the platform more interesting.
No development tool would really create more interrest in the platform
itself. Only common user applications could have done that. But the time
has gone away IMO and now only `addicted tweaking hackers' remained here
and use this weird old stuff (like me ;)).

I don't agree this assumption. You know that the ATARI platform was
always at the origin of large new projects. It always has been
cheap and easy to build great project ideas. Did you forgot that
many starting programmers were on the ATARI platform. Cubase
and many musical applications, Cyber Studio at the origin of
3DS Max from Tom Hudson, Calamus that we are all knowing, the
GFA Basic that is still present on many platforms. That is without
telling about that huge amount of games and the first 3D game
that was called "Alone in the Dark". I'm not telling also that
the ATARI platform has had all the known programming languages,
for all variety of programmers. All these potentialities spread
out in the actual programming world.

But you know that such projects can't still be maintained by a
single developer on other machines. The world of computing is
not at the level of a single person. The future with software
patents is not a happy perspective ... Can we still maintain
a level passion with the ATARI platform ? I personally think
affirmative about this, if the ATARI world that I described
to you still maintains its philosophy.

So.. maybe a new dev tool would be the killer app? ;)) I'm constantly
preparing the background to play with componental desktop app. But it is
long distance trip to go there...

Ho yes that's not easy. Gildor talked about QED that could be used
with GCC compiler. There's French tools like EZ_EDIT or GCC Shell
that could be improved. You know that Gygwin now have a graphical
debugger based on its X11 server. I used some years ago a graphical
environment for GDB that was called "xxgdb" that is quite portable.
The ATARI community should care about this ... No killer app without
killer development environments. That's a sensitive part for me ...

Yes I agree, that new IDE should be made. I think that it will be posibble
to do some gem interface to gdb and to do some modifications to qed to have
basicly friendly enough development environment.
Are there any flaws in this idea (except classical "who'll do that")?

Yes Gildor. You're talking sensible ...

Best regards,

-- François LE COAT
Author of Eureka 2.12 (2D Graph Describer, 3D Modeller)