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[MiNT] backing up MiNT image

I have some talent, it seems, in getting MiNT to crash. Thus,
tape backup. To do that successfully, one disables mint.cnf, and
reboots into single TOS and MiNT. The reason for doing this is to
back up MiNT with no daemons running. If one does not do this,
one gets an unusable situation after restoring an image file.

This I learned the hard way.

BTW, does anyone remember what were the killer apps for home
computers in general, and for Windows NT? The first one was
spreadsheets, and the second was, in the view of a magazine on
the subject, Calamus NT. Those are precedents to follow.

And, one small question. I have restarted with EasyMiNT at least
twice, and still get some odd behavior running pppd. Run it once,
kill the process (no additions), find the lock in
/var/spool/locks has been removed, then later run it again, and
it does not dial. It leaves behind pppd in wait mode, and chat in
sleep mode, and a lock. Kill -9 both processes, remove the lock,
and pppd works again. What does this? pppd was not always that

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