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Re: [MiNT] extensions (fwd)


This should probably go to the list, right?

BTW: did you notice that there are plenty of such integrated development
environments around? Also in the Linux world there is a bunch of them....
still I hear that the MSVC is the best and _working_ one.

Anyway, feel free to port any single piece. It would definitely be
usefull. Or maybe write another wider user audience targeted app that
would catch'em all....


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I'm not experienced Mint programmer, but I can tell you my point of view:
why do you think such amount of people are still using Magic+Jinnee
combination? Because of its stability? We know how it's Magic with this.
Available source codes? There aren't any. For its future? There isn't any.
It's because of its easy instalation, nice look and very good user interface.
So I think cool desktop environment is the basic stone of users'
satisfaction. And after that, some good looking/usable/comfortable
development environment. As here someone wrote, pure c is quite old novadays.
No need for any 'killer' apps, really.


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