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[MiNT] Re[2]: Re[2]: current kernel

Hi Adam!

AK> No, it is not required. Have you striped binaries?

Yes, always. But that shouldnt really matter, should it?

AK> I've been using latest (CVS) kernels for few years now with all the same
AK> AUTO/ACC setup, and had no real problems.

So have I!

But ozk told me I should create a folder named 1-16-cur within my mint folder.
As I just found out THAT causes the problems!

If I leave everything in the mint folder and use all the latest xfs and xdd it
all works fine. As soon as I put the same files into the 1-16-cur folder my
system freezes!

I dont know what that is about, but I dont care, I just use my normal setup
now and dont use the 1-16-cur folder (even though it was a nice idea to have
such a folder for testing purposes!)

AK> freemint/sys: make mil
AK> freemint/sys/adi/whellmoose make
AK> freemint/sys/xaaes/src.km make 030
AK> freemint/sys/xaaea/src.km make load.prg

Thanks! It's just compiling! Let's see if I am able to actually run xaaes!
That would be cool!

Cheers, Ingo =;->